Beach S'Almunia at Cala Llombards

S'Almunia is located seven kilometers from Santanyi, the name referred to these rocky sea inlet and to Cala Es Maquer.
Beach Cala Salmunia info and tips and Directions
  • Beach Cala Salmunia info and tips and Directions
  • Cala Salmunia beach description and information
  • Cala S'Almunia with beach in the southeast of Mallorca
  • S'Almunia bay and beach at Cala llombards
Also called simply S'Almunia - - Cala s'Almunia is a picturesque bay in the southeast of Majorca, about 7 kilometers south of Santanyi. The Cala s'Almunia features only at the end of a tiny strip of sand, into the crystal clear water can be reached via the (sometimes slippery) rocks or a boat ramp - perfect area for diving and snorkeling. On the banks form a picturesque fishermen's houses one of the most photogenic island. Cala s'Almunia is located on the southwest side of a small peninsula on which a few hundred meters north-east side is the sandy beach of Cala de Moro. The beach itself, 20 meters long and 30 meters wide, is thanks to the flat sloping into the sea shore perfect for families with children. Therefore, the Calo des Moro is very crowded especially in the summer. The accessibility by car is easy; after having the car parked for free at the house of sa Comuna (1.1 kilometer from the beginning of the road that leads to this rocky terrain, and half a kilometer from the sea) it is only 200 meters, goes some steep steps down and then left to get to that dream beach. This explains the difficulty of accessing not very crowded by bathers. On the opposite side, amazing rock formations alternate with small fishermen's houses, many of which serve as a dock for boats of the sailors for centuries. Most of the few houses have been restored and now serve as summer apartments. But even with her fresh face, they exude a special charm. Thus one finds here and there funny and pretty details like a serpentine road as a doorknob or a rustic clay pot with a small cock for collecting rain water. In the portfolio of AM Property Mallorca can be found in the environment to the beach S'Almunia noble villas overlooking the sea, Finca-plots in a quiet location, chalets and houses in well-kept village location, beautifully restored country houses or villas for restoration.