Application for Tax Identification Number (NIE) and Residencia in Mallorca

A Tax Identification number (NIE) is required all foreign nationals buying property in Mallorca. The Residencia, however, is only necessary if the food item is moved to Mallorca.

The NIE number can be applied for in person at any Spanish Consulate in United Kingdom. The processing time depends on the consulate 10 to 20 days. For those who live near a Spanish consulate in United Kingdom is recommended this option necessarily. The appropriate application form and the addresses of the Spanish consulates in United Kingdom is set as a pdf download at the end of this article is available.

Stop in Mallorca with new application, replacement or change of address for the tax number NIE (Numero de Identificación de Extranjeros) is Palmas immigration authorities. An NIE also need non-residents who get to deal with the Spanish government, for example when buying a home in Mallorca or the admission of a car. Is also desired the Residencia, both can be applied simultaneously. Applications may be submitted in person or by power of attorney also by Gestoria.

The Residencia including NIE is requested, even if the food item is headquartered in Spain, for example during an Employee or commercial exercise. The decisive factor is officially a stay of longer than three months at a stretch.

Who is officially resident is also usually tax-residents - the consequences for income, pension or inheritance should be clarified so in a particular case with a tax professional. A clear advantage of the Residencia: On her back is the original Resident discount granted by 50 percent on domestic flights and ferry crossings between the Balearic Islands and the Spanish mainland. And also when registering at City Hall (Empadronamiento) asked for the certificate.

For the combined application of NIE and Residencia is the EX-18 form needed you want to request the NIE, you need form EX-15.

In addition, they still require a payment form (Modelo 790). To deposit a fee of currently 10.20 euros at the bank The deposit is only possible when two bank branches, so should the public authority on a Tuesday or Thursday morning will be: The nearby branches of Sa Nostra and La Caixa on the corner of Avenida México / Manuel Azaña cash to take only on these days and only in the from 8.30 bis 10.30 clock on.

Once done you need to present the stamped deposit form, the completed application and your identity document in original and one copy of the latter two at the immigration office. As a rule, you will be after a few minutes waiting for the NIE number handed.