No new vacation rental licenses until 2026

The island council of Mallorca freezes the betting exchange for 4 years. Only the already submitted applications for the holiday rental license for houses and apartments will be processed. New applications are no longer possible.

The Balearic state government passed the new tourism law on Friday (February 11) by urgent decree. The law was published in the Balearic Law Gazette BOIB on Friday afternoon and will come into force as soon as it is published.

The main measure associated with the law is that the tourist bed exchange will be frozen for the next four years. No new applications will therefore be accepted. In the next four years, the island councils can draw up their own plans for allocating guest beds. If this does not happen, the previously available places will expire. Applications that have already been submitted are still being processed.

 The aim of the measure is to increase quality rather than quantity in tourism. The tourism companies now have to carry out an analysis of these issues in-house and then develop suggestions for improvement. The companies that achieve a successful implementation should receive a seal after an independent examination. One aspect that needs to be implemented is switching from oil heating to more environmentally friendly alternatives. These will not only apply to hotels, but also to houses and apartments in holiday rentals.

Another regulation should also go in the direction of stopping growth in tourism. Existing hotels should only be allowed to renovate and increase their built-up area by 15 percent if they give up five percent of their beds in return.