Mallorca Information

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands is characterized by wonderful places and Mediterranean landscapes, the desire to leave vacations- rolling hills and craggy cliffs, idyllic coves and long beaches.

Scenic found on Mallorca everything you expect from a Mediterranean island. From the famous white sand beaches, crystal clear water over cliffs, high mountain ranges, magnificent dunes and deep canyons to vast wetlands. Mallorca offers something for every taste. Hiking, golfing, swimming, cycling, relaxing, the island is worth a visit all year round. For beach lovers the months between June and September are the best, with temperatures up to 38 ° C and water temperatures up to 25 ° C. Among the most beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean part of the end of January to early February the almond blossom in Mallorca.

Who visited with open eyes Mallorca and brings a little time and patience, is surprised by the diversity of semi-natural habitats between the coasts, the plains and the mountains. The diverse topography of the island with the different climatic conditions has led to a species-rich vegetation image. There are over 1500 flowering plants and numerous species of trees.

If you're looking culture and sights, this is mainly in the capital Palma. The Cathedral, the Castle of Bellver, the Palacio Real, the Lonja, the Gran Hotel, the Museo de Mallorca, patrician houses like Can Vivot, Can Oleza, Casal Eric and about twenty galleries of modern art, opera and numerous music festivals guarantee plenty of variety.


Majorca is known for beautiful beaches, but also well worth a visit many interesting towns and villages and the elegant capital, Palma de Mallorca. Mountain villages, seaside towns, holiday centers: Mallorca has undisputed much to offer.

Majorca offers small villages in hills of the Serra de Tramuntana, charming fishing villages on the east coast, or a quiet country village in the interior of the island. As versatile as the Majorcan landscape are also the villages of the island.

Every village on Mallorca has its traditional festivals. Mallorca's festivals and traditions are linked to the celebrations and traditions of the Mediterranean, in which the sea plays an important role. In addition, all celebrations have a folkloric element in common, because except in the Semana Santa (Holy Week) are always Gegants (Giant), Xeremiers (traditional musicians who play the Mallorcan bagpipes) and Cossiers (dance groups) with this.


Mallorca is known for its many small fishing villages that give the island its typical charm and a certain something, because she is so popular with many. With such a number of fishing villages and the situation in the Mediterranean, it is only logical that there must be at Mallorca also various ports, especially since a few years ago the sea the only connection to the mainland was on the one send or receive goods and the one was able to visit the island and leave. In total there are on the Balearic island of Mallorca 43 harbors with 14.280 berths. Both marinas and fishing harbors and a marina are located on the island.

The yachts here sometimes have the value of several houses and are therefore happy to admire from the lump and mass tourists and over again, even if this indeed is usually not the backdrop for a visit to the marina to get easy not help but admire these magnificent yachts.


Golfing in Mallorca combines everything that makes this sport so beautiful. Varied golf courses, nestled in the beautiful region of Mallorca - beautiful golf hotels and accommodation for a relaxing golf holiday - great training conditions and professional golf training by experienced golf schools - Wellness, Spa & Lifestyle as much as you want - and year-round golfing, caused most by the mild climate on the Balearic island .... golfer's heart what else do you want?

Golf in Mallorca means perfect conditions to nearly 365 days a year. The optimal climate, the first-class hotels in the 5-star category and around 25 sites with varying conditions make this destination a Wall site for golfers.

Besides a large selection of golf courses Mallorca provides for a golf vacation a great environment with a beautiful varied landscape, excellent restaurants and of course a wide selection of hotels, from small cottage hotel right on the golf course to the exclusive golf and spa hotel.


Mallorca has countless real dream beaches - bright white with fine sand and crystal clear, shimmering in all shades of blue and turquoise water, small coves with dramatic cliffs, wild natural beaches that are only accessible by foot and large, palm-fringed beaches with miles of sandy beaches.

Vamos a la Playa: Fjord coves, hidden behind sand spit ledges, vibrant party miles and white dream beaches - Mallorca is a true beach paradise with more than 180 beaches. Before heading out to one of the beautiful beaches on Mallorca, but you should know one thing: There is often no separation between textile and naturist beach, especially in the more remote bays you meet again and again to nudists. It is best to be so prepared for both cases and then looking for a nice place!

In terms of water quality, the beaches are quite high on the scale. The sea around Mallorca is one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean. One of the EU Foundations annually awards the 'blue flag'. Here, cleanliness, safety and user-friendly infrastructure are examined. Majorca alone has 31 beaches that were given the blue flag. Where the land slopes gently into the sea, however, is long sandy beaches have formed. As found in the bay of Palma or the Bay of Alcudia. Since most beaches are all nearby, they are also very busy in the summer. Nevertheless, we find in Mallorca in the season beaches are not as crowded.