No change in building law, no moratorium

The rumors about changes to the minimum parcel size or suspension of building permits in rural areas by September 2021 have proven to be baseless.

The Consell de Mallorca does not plan to increase the minimum parcel size of the plots in order to be able to build a house in rural areas. The current building standards are retained, which state that a plot of land with a minimum size of two quarteradas, i.e. 14,206 square meters, may be built on in rural areas.

In the last few months rumors have been circulating about a hypothetical increase in the minimum floor space. In the last plenary session, PI Antoni Amengual put a question on this subject to the minister responsible, Maria Antònia Garcias. The latter replied that the executive would not change the requirements.

The Consell de Mallorca is currently going through an amendment to the zoning plan, which is the legal instrument that sets the municipal regulations including the rustic areas. Minister Garcias pointed out that the changes only affect urban land that is cultivable and urban growth. “We don't operate on rustic land that goes beyond the potential urban growth of the communities. We are not changing the minimum parcel size for residential use. And we're not suggesting any suspension of building permits, ”she says.

The hypothetical increase in the minimum plot of land has always been a controversial issue in Mallorca. Between 1995 and 2018, 9,097 permits were issued to build a country house. In 2017 there were 501; and in 2018 613. The environmental company Terraferida calculated this spring that there are plots for 11,214 new buildings on Mallorca. Building a house on rustic land is still allowed if certain conditions are met.

The current urban planning stipulates that the population lives in urban centers that are appropriately equipped with services (electricity, drinking water, sewerage, etc.). The rustic land in Mallorca currently has a high property value.