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Construction supervision in Mallorca takes a hard hit

In 2018, the demolition of 97 illegally constructed buildings was ordered. Penalties totaling 5.2 million euros were imposed. In almost all cases, the…

Climate Protection Law with implications for builders of country houses in Mallorca

The Balearic Parliament passed a law on combating climate change on Tuesday (12.2.2019) after a long public debate, which also has consequences for…

Up to 50% higher property tax for vacant properties in Mallorca

As the only autonomous region in Spain, the Balearic Islands passed a law that allows cities and municipalities to increase property tax on vacant…

New regulations in the Spanish inheritance tax from January 2016

On 08/17/2015, a new EU regulation (EU 650/2012, EU ErbVO) entered into force; which has an impact on the right of inheritance.

So far, the British…

Property market in Mallorca has recovered

The Spanish Ministry of Infrastructure has announced the latest figures on the development of the property market in the Balearic Islands.

The most important changes for homebuyers and sellers in 2015

The amendments relate to i.a. Application the tax number, reducing the cadastral values, reduction in corporation tax, introduction of a departure…

It is valid inheritance law of the country in which you live

Inheritance law change in August 2015: Habitual residence instead of nationality

Experts Commission shall submit reports to the tax reform

The taxation on real estate acquisition should remain unchanged. The direct taxes among others the income tax (IRPF) are lowered and indirect taxes,…

Legalization of illegal construction possible

On Tuesday the 11th March 2014 was adopted the long-awaited and hotly debated first Land Law of the Balearic Parliament.

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