Climate Protection Law with implications for builders of country houses in Mallorca

The Balearic Parliament passed a law on combating climate change on Tuesday (12.2.2019) after a long public debate, which also has consequences for builders who want to build in rural areas in Mallorca.
The law provides that the Balearic Islands will manage without fossil fuels by 2050. For this purpose, by 2030, 35% of the energy consumed will come from renewable sources.
The law stipulates that residential buildings in rural areas (zona rústica) have to provide themselves with renewable energy. However, this edition refers only to new building applications, where for the villas lines would have to be laid first. For houses that are already under construction and for which the power project has already been submitted, grandfathering applies. Also excluded are agricultural businesses.
The municipalities in Mallorca were required to change the street lighting to LED within five years.
From the year 2025 on Majorca no new diesel cars will be allowed, from 2035 no more vehicles with internal combustion engine.
Biel Company Chairman of the People's Party (PP) announced that in case of a victory in May, the law would be partially withdrawn.