Construction supervision in Mallorca takes a hard hit

In 2018, the demolition of 97 illegally constructed buildings was ordered. Penalties totaling 5.2 million euros were imposed. In almost all cases, the owners reacted quickly and carried out the demolition before the notices were delivered. Thus, they were issued 90% of the fines threatened. The budget of the Construction Supervision Authority (ADT) is expected to reach 1 M € in 2020, twice as much as this year.

In all municipalities that have a cooperation agreement with the Island Council, the ADT is responsible for rural land. In the other municipalities, construction supervision is the responsibility of the town halls. Buildings that were built without permission, but would have been able to be approved in principle, can be subsequently legalized against payment of a penalty. Non-approved buildings, which are already 7 years old and have not been reimbursed for violations of the building code during this time, can no longer be assigned a demolition order. The building can survive, but it is still not legal. It enjoys grandfathering. This regulation only applies to buildings that have already been completed for at least 8 years on 31.12.2017. Buildings that have not been completed for eight years at this time can never regain their status. You are threatened with a demolition order.