The most important changes for homebuyers and sellers in 2015

The amendments relate to i.a. Application the tax number, reducing the cadastral values, reduction in corporation tax, introduction of a departure tax, reduction of income tax and the abolition of the update coefficients.


Application for tax number only in person or by notarial power of attorney possible.

residents must be adjusted as of 12 January 2015 Palmas foreigners authority on new hurdles: A new provision provides that they apply the tax number (NIE), which is required, inter alia, a real estate purchase in person or be sure to issue a power of attorney. A simple form with signature contrast, were authorized with those previously authorities provider (Solicitors) for part of England is no longer enough. The personal application of the control number in the Spanish consulates in Germany is still possible.

Compare this to: Application for Tax Identification Number (NIE) and Residencia in Mallorca

With the infamous "Residencia" - a thin, welded in plastic card -. Residents must continue to bother One announced a year ago reform, which provided for the reintroduction of an ID card with photo, has not been implemented to date.

Cadastral values of some communities drastically reduced from 01.01.2015.

tax cuts brought the Law 36/2014 regarding the reduction of the cadastral values, which was published on 30.12.2014 in the Official Gazette BOE. After that, the cadastral values are reduced in many municipalities of Mallorca by up to 22%. Since the cadastral values form the basis for calculating multiple tax types, there are so drastic tax cuts for different types of taxes, such. As with property tax (IBI) the value added tax (Plusvalia) and income tax for non-residents for their own use of their property.
Exit exit tax on residents in Mallorca, the direction of a non-EU country.

The new departure tax affects all residents who move permanently resident in a non-EU country if they at least 10 years tax resident for the past 15 years in Spain and holders of shares and / or equity investments with a value of more than 400,000 € were, or have been involved in companies with more than 25% and the value of these investments amounted to more than 1,000,000 €. Tax debtors fulfilling these requirements must tax the difference between the acquisition cost and the market value at the time of departure, when they went from Spain, regardless of whether they such appreciation eg have been realized through sale or not. The tax rate is 24% in 2015, for a departure in 2016 to 23%.

Reduction of income tax for non-residents in real estate sales.

This tax is
reduced from 01.01.2015 from 21% to 20% and from 01.01.2016 to 19%.

In this context, the abolition of the update coefficients of importance. This coefficient granted special depreciation (and thus tax reductions) for properties that were acquired before 1994.

As of 01.01.2015 the full taxation will only take effect from sales proceeds over 400,000 €, while the depreciation benefit continues to apply to the underlying amounts. For properties that were acquired after 1994, that is irrelevant. Here is the full taxation takes up the win. For 2015, 20% in 2016 and 19% taxes on profits due.

Reduction in corporation tax for newly established companies.

Article 25 of Law 27/2014 corporation for Spanish SL's (GmbH) of 30% was reduced to 25% at 01/01/2015. Newly established companies can reduce that sentence in a maximum of 2 years within the first 5 years of their establishment by another 10% to 15% then.

European inheritance Regulation shall enter into force on 08.17.2015.

On 17
8th 2015 occurs in all member states except Britain, Ireland and Denmark, the European inheritance law in force. As a result, changes for citizens in any case of countries whose inheritance geared to the citizenship who live in other EU countries, the law of succession, without them it becomes aware. It automatically switches to the Statute of habitual residence at time of death.