Cala Figuera

The fishing village is located on the eponymous bay of Cala Figuera, which means as much as "Fig Tree Bay" and this name is explained by the existence in fig trees that grow around the bay. The bay extends with two arms into the backand.
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Cala Figuera ("fig-bay") is a small town on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. It is located on the bay's southeastern coast of the island in the region (Comarca) Migjorn. Cala Figuera is part of the municipality of Santanyí. The distance from the island capital of Palma is about 55 kilometers. Neighboring towns of the settlement are the administrative headquarters and Cala Santanyí Santanyí. Cala Figuera in 2007 had 690 residents, 662 of whom lived within the closed buildings of the village. The town lies in a two-part, fjord-like bay and was formerly the port of Santanyí. The two hydrogen arms and Calo Calo d'en Boira d'En Busques form a Y. At the end of the left arm hidden fishermen houses with their characteristic boat garages. The first mention of Cala Figuera is found in 1306. At the end of the 19th Century the first houses. In 1938 the first church was built, which today - located in the center - as a tourist eatery misused. Tourism in Cala Figuera had its high points in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s, decreased the number of visitors. This results in a clearly noticeable structural change. Some older hotel buildings were demolished, others empty properties. Instead of new hotels, are increasingly built apartments with sophisticated equipment.  Beaches:  S'Amarador is a sandy beach in the southeast of the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. It is located on the west side of Mondragó, a sea inlet with several small tributary creeks to the east coast of Majorca. In s'Amarador lead two torrents (torrents) to the Mediterranean, of which the southern states after the beach Torrent de S'Amarador. Both rarely lead water. The Torrent de S'Amarador before the beach is a wetland with a pond Estany de S'Amarador falling temporarily dry. The bay is named after Mondragó a natural park, which extends east on 765.69 acres and the bay town Santanyí. The Mondragó lies about five kilometers east of the city, the capital of the same community is Santanyí. S'Amarador is the largest of the three sandy beaches of Mondragó, which still Ses Fonts de N'ALÍS the north side of the bay of Calo d'en Garrot (also Caló de Ses Fonts de N'ALÍS), and the beach on the northeastern Caló the Borgit belong. The nearest towns, except for small settlements lying closer (urbanization), are Porto Petro in the northeast and the southwest Cala Figuera. The beach of S'Amarador despite the somewhat remote location for many tourists. In addition to the guests at the nearby Ses Fonts de N'ALÍS located hotels, he is also frequented by day visitors, which is probably due to promotion by the tourism industry, which markets the Mondragó as one of "the most beautiful bays of Mallorca." Behind the clean, sandy beach that slopes gently into the water, stands a small wooden bar with some beach chairs and umbrellas in front. The western end of the beach to the forest form small dunes, the beach are covered with thistles and beach grass. Due to its sheltered position within the Mondragó S'Amarador will often be run by private yachts, which are defined swimmers and boat traffic from one another by buoys. The beach is regularly monitored by lifeguards. To the west and southwest of a coastal trail leads around the Cape of S'Amarador Punta de Ses Gatoves to the small rocky bay of Calo d'en Perdiu Blanquer it and on to the Cape, the southern end of the bay Mondragó. Northeast of the beach about 300 meters long s'Amarador a concrete walkway was built along the cliff on which you can reach the neighboring beach of Ses Fonts de N'ALÍS. There are more bars and souvenir shops as well as in the back of several small hotels which were built in the time before the declaration of the park. Parts of the park area behind the beaches are accessible only to a limited, since about 88 percent of the area are privately owned. It is recommended to use the signposted paths. Some evidence about that in the park administration, which is located in the parking lot 500 meters above the beach of Ses Fonts de N'ALÍS