Ses Salines

A few kilometers from the coast lies the idyllic village of Ses Salines. Largely spared from the influx of visitors, the place with its narrow streets, unassuming manor houses and the small parish church, the epitome of a typical rural village in Mallorca.
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Ses Salines The municipality of Ses Salines, resulting from the towns of Ses Salines and Colonia Sant Jordi composed, is located in the southern tip of the island between Santanyí and Campos. The municipality with an area of 39 sq km was adopted by the government of the Balearic Islands to an area of exceptional interest. It owes its name to the millennia-old salt springs, which are still new salt mountains arise. An area for lovers of peaceful beaches and unspoiled nature.  The talaiots (IX. Century BC.) Megalite still preserved monuments from the Bronze Age, shed light on the beginnings of agriculture and animal husbandry in Ses Salines.  Unique legacies of this era are: Sat Talaia Joana and talaiots of Na Mera, It Mitja Gran Antigors and Els.  The salt pans of Sa Vall, or Colonia de Sant Jordi is the second oldest in the world. With its use has been through the Punic traders started. Later it was the Romans, Byzanthiner, Arabs and Christians, whose main interest is to set the salt reduction. These sources of salt because of its importance to explain the ethnological origin of the place. The dismantling will take place today in the traditional way in August.  Significant and important buildings to visit this community are:  The defensive tower of C'an Barbara, the villa C'an Bonico, the mill of Lluc the Talaia Joana and the beginning of the XX. Century in honor of Sant Bartolomeu built parish church.  The small village originally belonged to Santanyi and later became an independent municipality collected.   Sat Platja the Port  In addition to the fishing and yachting port of Colonia Sant Jordi, this beach offers excellent tourist recreation and leisure facilities. With the best facilities to send beach is one of the ideal places to the local marine restaurants to enjoy.  Els Dolce  Calm clear water indicates that over several years with the blue band of the European Union, excellent beach. On foot, we reach one of the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca from the port from over a stone paved road.  Els Estanys  To be the hallmark of the current municipal salt deposits lying beach leaves us through his salt and sea-educated play of light and its special vegetation one of the most noteworthy ecosystems of the island.  ES Carbó and Ses Roquetes  These two beaches are one of the purest natural and untouched areas of the island. Your calm and crystal clear water, look after Cabrera and the proximity of the islands Na Moltona transform the two beaches, one walk from the beach from the port reached into the favorite of all friends of sun and sea.  Important phone numbers and information: information and phone-numbers of interest: AYUNTAMIENTO: Plaça Major, 1 - 07640 Teléfonos: 971 64 91 17 / Fax: 971 64 94 54 E-mail: POLICÍA LOCAL: Plaça Major, 1- Tel: 971 64 93 11 / 609 12 83 43 MERCADO: Plaça Major, jueves. FIESTAS: Sant Antoni, 17 de enero; Sant Bartomeu, 24 de agosto.