Beach Es Caragol in Ses Salines

Platja d'es caragol is removed with Cala en Tugores, with which it is connected by a rocky strip, the southernmost beach of Majorca, seven kilometers from Ses Salines.
Ses Salines beach Es caragol nudist beach in Mallorca
  • Ses Salines beach Es caragol nudist beach in Mallorca
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  • Playa Es Caragol beach description and information
  • Es caragol beach in Ses Salines Mallorca
You arrives with a 1.5-kilometer walk from the lighthouse of Ses Salines there. It caragol has a white sandy beach, dunes, more than a kilometer extending inland, adjacent to the small island Can Curt in the west and sa Punta Negra in the east, where a escar is one (a simple boat ramp for local fishermen) and anchorage for the golondrinas is. The turnout of local visitors and tourists is low. The coast here is low, the tendency is moving in places, between 0.5 and two meters with a sandbar that goes about 200 meters into the sea; it is open to South-South-West and interspersed with small islands. These characteristics explain that Skipper must navigate with caution, special attention was paid to the depth; half a nautical mile from the coast you think away. You can anchor on sandy and rocky ground at a depth of three to six meters. 4.2 miles away is the nearest port facilities port of Colonia de Sant Jordi. In it caragol bunker can be seen from the Civil War; the beach adjacent to the Finca Sa Vall, Estate of the March family, whose coastline forms part of this ANEI (3,778 hectares and between 0-68 meters above sea level. It caragol (or Platja d'es caragol) is one of the most beautiful beaches of Majorca, located in the south of the island. Two roads lead to the entirely undeveloped, pristine white sand beach with elongated dunes and turquoise shallow water. The convenient: you climb a water taxi at the port of Colonia Sant Jordi. The challenge: You drive to the lighthouse of Ses Salines (Faro Ses Salines), the southernmost point of the island and marched thence westward about half an hour at the fence of the reserve along. In any case, you should bring a cooler with drinks and food, the beach, there are no services. In the dunes nudist practiced. It caragol is very child friendly. Plenty of room to play; and the beach shelves gently into the sea. But the 30 minute hike to remember. In the southeast of Mallorca, around the beach It caragol see the portfolio of real estate agent "AM Real Estate Mallorca" Building Plots in frontline, elegant villas near the beach, stylishly renovated villas and cottages in scenic location, finca land with beautiful stands of trees, commercial Real Estate and schnuckelige apartments overlooking the sea.