Cala Santanyi

In the extreme south-east of Mallorca you will find the small coastal town of Cala Santanyi and the bay of the same. He belongs to the municipality of Santanyi.
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Cala Santanyí is a town in south-eastern part of Mallorca. The Cala Santanyí is located on the territory of the municipality Santanyí in the extreme southeast of Mallorca. It is 62 kilometers from the capital Palma and is easily accessible via road. Neighboring towns are Santanyí Cala Figuera and Cala Llombards. Center is the bay with your beach. Just offshore of the community is the naturally formed rock bridge Pontàs it. Beginning of the 20th Century were found in Cala Santanyí only a few houses of fishermen. The first restaurant was built in 1950 and was used by the citizens of Santanyí and Cala Figuera on the weekends. By 1960, the tourism potential of the bay and it produced the first recognized hotels and accommodation. The settlement Son Moja was in 1980. Your are reserved for small chalets and villas. Today, in addition to numerous private Cala Santanyí and apartment houses three major hotels. The fine sandy beach of Cala Santanyí is gently sloping and ideal for children. By the deeply incised bay there is also no dangerous currents or significant wave action. The bay is monitored since the spring of 2006 by the Red Cross lifeguards. Gastronomy is plentiful. The visitor numbers are rising steadily even in high season. In the immediate surroundings, the Hotel Cala Llombards too idyllic walks. This cliff-lined bay has so far remained without substantial tourist infrastructure and offers a beautiful wide and shallow sloping sandy beach into the sea. From Cala Santanyi is a boat service to Cala Llombards. However, you can also walk along the somewhat arduous path. By car, the road leads through the resort Cala Santanyi Llombards the same bay. Diving is one of the last great adventure in this modern era. An enchanting world of many colors and shapes is waiting for you in Cala Santanyi. The sensation is to feel weightless in the water, has encouraged many divers this sport!