Beach Cala Pi

Cala Pi is a small bay on the southern coast of Mallorca in the municipality of Llucmajor. The Cala Pi is approximately 100 meters wide and 420 meters long sea inlet, which has a beautiful beach and stunning turquoise water.
Sandy beach Cala Pi Description and Reviews
  • Sandy beach Cala Pi Description and Reviews
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The Mallorcaexpeten discover Arenal from the small bay that matters to us the most beautiful. From the small residential area of Cala Pi, which has about 650 inhabitants, we reach the picturesque bay and about 50 meters wide beach via a staircase. The romantic beach has fine white sand and is very flat. Who carries a snorkeling equipment, can explore the underwater world in the turquoise water also. Just behind the beach of Cala Pi opens the torrent Torrent de Cala Pi, leads but only after heavy rainfall water. Cala Pi is a very romantic bay. The beach has the same flow, Torrent de Cala Pi, which opens its name into the sea. The beautiful beach is only 45 meters long but up to 140 meters wide. The beach has fine white sand and falls very gently into the sea. The water is crystal clear and turquoise blue, almost like in the Caribbean. Water sports are not offered here, but with snorkeling gear is worth a visit the underwater world. A small beach bar provides cool drinks and snacks. Around the beach Cala Pi is the product line of "AM Real Estate Mallorca" charming apartments in manicured grounds with communal pool, beautiful single-family homes near the beach, villas with views of the Mediterranean, villas and cottages in scenic location and lucrative investment and hotel properties.