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Properties are attractive again. Who has enough capital, should now be in a rented house or a condo to invest. Thanks to the favorable interest rates on time buyers are almost always better off than renters and have a stable money invested. Even with a rented condo, you can, with good location and reasonable price, money. This is the result of the financial test magazine in its September issue, for the real estate as an investment it has evaluated.
In a large study has provided financial test, prices for home ownership and rented condominiums determined. This model is the buyer of a home after a six-year better off than the tenant. Even greater is the advantage after 26 years if the loan is repaid. Of course, the bill at the end depends on how the market develops. The prices of real estate in Germany, but proved to be stable and were not partially abroad completely overpriced.
The purchase of a rented apartment as an investment is worthwhile if the price in a good relationship with the rental income is and how at the moment, interest rates are low. Financial test, the average purchase and rental prices for 65 to 80 square meter 3-room apartments in the middle layers in 45 German cities are listed and the Mietrendite calculated. In Bremen it is for example a Mietrendite of 7.30 percent, in Saarbrücken, however, for the same price 5.22 percent. Whether a condo as an investment worthwhile, you can help investors with a free program out on the Internet. Under / immorendite can be a long-term investment plan for the condo to be rented and you can calculate whether the purchase of a particular apartment is worth.
The full test can be found in the September issue of the journal Financial Test and on the Internet at / investment real estate.
Source: Stiftung Warentest