Property Mallorca: Mallorca government crisis resolved


The relief over the settlement of the government crisis stops at Mallorca environmentalists limited. The parties of the center-left alliance have indeed together at night on Friday (14.10.) After lengthy negotiations and settle the two-week crisis. But the negotiated compromise is negotiated two years ago in the coalition agreement to the landscape objectives in the Balearic Islands in question.

While Balearic Premier Francesc Antich (PSOE) pointed out that the government could now focus again with all my strength to overcome the economic crisis, is the Balearic Environmental Association Gob read the fine print. Spokeswoman for Margalida Ramis, the matter is clear: the regional party Majorcan Union (UM) has prevailed all along the line - despite the fact that the party because of the judicial investigation, the water stands up to his neck.

The agreement ensures firstly that the UM at the Building Committee of the Island Council towards their coalition partners of PSOE and the Left Party Bloc alliance may have unterbuttern not so easy. Like Ramis stated that the parties had been equal in the Commission's right to vote, and the chairman Joana Lluisa Mascaró (Bloc) came to no agreement is reached in the case of a special voting weight. In this way, have been stopped, for example, plans for the construction of the golf course Son Baco in the town of Campos. This led in particular the local mayor Guillem Ginard (UM) to whiteness.

Now it is planned that will be voted in the building commission as well as the plenary of the Island Council, therefore, according to the number of deputies. This means that) UM and the opposition conservative Popular Party (PP together the most votes to be able to unite and make common cause in future projects.

Unwrapped is now even a packet with field Transfers, which provides for Mallorca's development plan in 2004. Actually, had the center-left coalition agreed that planned land reallocations, which are already being investigated on suspicion of the Prosecutor's cronyism and insider dealing, entirely suspended. The new compromise, however, provides that the planned swap transactions will be reviewed again in each case in order to maintain this then "modify, or reduce substantially," as stated on Wednesday. An example: The most controversial development plan provided for in barter relates to a dairy in the town of Campos. It stands near the beach, it Trenc nature on the southern coast of Majorca, and in a study center devoted to the conservation area will be converted. In return, the development plan foresaw the construction of hotels and apartments in Sa Ràpita allow - with thousands of new beds. The UM's insistence on the project, and with the compromise of Wednesday, the regional party opened a door, but still allow the project and thus allowing the town of Campos, a new building project. "The reallocations could be in the future under different majority conditions are implemented, "criticizes Ramis.

Even with road projects, the Majorcan Union kept open a back door. A road construction plan, which lists future construction projects, will now be adopted as early as November quickly and permanently. The environmentalist Ramiz fears that practically covered in this way, all the major inputs, which were filed under the table and controversial building projects will be implemented, although not now, but could easily be taken in the near future from the drawer. It affects about extensions of existing highways on routes from Peguera to Andratx, from Llucmajor to Campos or from Manacor to Sant Llorenç. Nevertheless: The golf course Son Baco hotel complex is planned together with loud agreement from the table. But according to the coalition agreement of 2007 would have been impossible anyway.