Property Mallorca: government reshuffle in the Balearics


New Tourism Minister Joana Barceló "best choice"
Francesc Antich, the Balearic Minister wants to stay with his new minority government until the end of its term in office in April 2011. It includes new elections, as does the bodies of confidence in Parliament. "I have no fear of censure of the opposition," said the Prime Minister.
In fact, there is the biggest opposition party, the conservative Partido Popular (PP), currently in a Neufindungsphase. The interim leader has yet to be confirmed in a forthcoming party congress. And even then he does not have a seat in the Balearic Parliament.
For a successful vote of no confidence, the PP requires a notional votes of the Majorcan Union (UM). These small party but is now severely struck by the numerous corruption scandals.
Meanwhile, Mallorca's tourism industry responded positively to the new Tourism Minister Joana Barceló (photo). The Minorcan Socialist and former Minister of Labor is also Balearic government spokeswoman. It is regarded as objective, calm, conversational, with a high workload.
Barceló was also a great connoisseur of the tourism matter. With it the first time a woman takes the most economically important ministry of the islands. The President of the Hotel Association Fehm called it the "best decision Antich.

According to coalition breaking new tourism minister
Two other ministries disbanded

After the break the coalition government of the Balearic Islands Francesc Antich, the socialist prime minister has reshuffled his cabinet and simultaneously reduced. New Tourism Minister, the former Labor Minister Joana Barceló. Her successor, the Department for Work and Social Affairs is the former Director General of the Office, Pere Aguiló. Meanwhile, the detained politicians of the ex-coalition partner Majorcan Union (UM) on Saturday have been set against restrictions on free foot. The investigating judge conceded four of them until Tuesday noon deadline to provide 100,000 euros each deposit. Otherwise, have the politicians accused of corruption in custody.
Antich Prime Minister had dismissed after the announcement of his three arrests UM ministers. The Environment Ministry was dissolved. The resort is now affiliated with the Ministry of Transport, which is led by the remaining coalition partner, the Left Bloc. Past is also the Sports Ministry. The tasks will continue to carry Antich itself.
The Socialists and the Left Bloc is now a junior partner are both level and in the Balearic Islands of Mallorca Island Council and the Town Council of Palma minority governments. Antich being neither intends to ask the question of confidence to call for new elections. The conservative opposition is not itself intend to ask for censure motion against the Prime Minister. The chairman of the Popular Party PP, Jose Bauza, will not form a government to rely on the votes of the UM.
The judicial restrictions against the accused UM politicians, among them the former Tourism Minister Miquel Nadal, is the highpoint of a series of corruption scandals that have rocked the party for over a year deeply. In the latest incident, ex-senior employees of the Ministry alleged to have embezzled public funds through illegal contract awards totaling up to 1'2 million.

Socialist minority government in the Balearic Islands
After the break the coalition government of the Balearic Islands, the Socialists and the Left Bloc will continue to govern in minority. Francesc Antich, the Socialist prime minister had on Friday, the alliance with the junior partner, the bourgeois-regionalist Majorcan Union (UM), unilaterally, after leading politicians were arrested under suspicion of corruption of the small party of the police.
In a hitherto unprecedented judicial action against corruption investigators had arrested 14 people in two days, among them the former Minister of Tourism and UM President Miquel Nadal and his successor as party leader, Miquel Àngel Flaquer (of the post only recently had to evacuate again). The UM has been rocked for over a year by a series of corruption scandals, stemming from the previous legislature. The recent "Operation Vulture," the police - this is a first - however, relates to alleged crimes of the current reign.
Antich Prime Minister on Friday dismissed his three UM ministers who were responsible for the portfolios of tourism, environment and sport. He now intends to cut specialized departments and save new items. Even in the lower levels of government, the Island Council of Majorca and in the City Council of Palma, the UM have been freed politicians from their public offices. Even in these bodies, the governing Socialists and the Left Bloc is now in the minority. In all nachgegliederten desks and administrative organs UM lost about 100 party members use their areas of responsibility.
The new office in two weeks UM boss Josep Melià, accused Antich, having hastily covered up and responding. The UM has a free hand for their future political alliances. The party was a "tip the balance" since 1983 a major political factor in the Balearics.
Antich elections, Prime Minister issued a denial. On the other hand joined the conservative opposition, neither elections nor the bodies of confidence in parliament.
Dismayed, the tourism sector's response to recent developments. He had only two months ago to welcome the Minister of Tourism is already third of the current legislature. The industry, which is the backbone of the island economy is stimulated, with the economic crisis is highly advised Antich, exercise in the appointment of a successor special care.