Mallorca Real Estate: Matas needs three million


Mallorca's Ex-Prime Minister has to deposit within 72 hours deadline a 3 million Euros deposit in court.
The announcement of the final report by the investigating judge José Castro delayed start of the week to 24 hours. No wonder: The document is so extensive that the judge it on the past weekend did not manage to complete. But since last Tuesday, the former Balearic Minister and former Spanish Environment Minister Jaume Matas now knows what he has set himself: Accused of corruption and up to twelve offenses such as bribery, money laundering, forgery, manipulation of law and unfaithfulness in office, he must pay a deposit of three million raise, not to be taken into custody. This is one of the highest amounts ever imposed for an allegedly corrupt politicians in Spain.
Matas were given 72 hours deadline to deposit the money in court. Due to the Easter holidays, he has so effectively until Wednesday, 7 April, time to deposit the security deposit. Because of the risk of absconding accused was also taken off the passport.
The card will need Jaume Matas not in the near future anyway. What became known on Wednesday, Matas ended after the imposition of judicial constraints on him his employment relationship with the U.S. firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. Matas had since his election defeat in 2007 lived in the U.S. and worked most recently at the company as an environmental consultant.
The court followed with its decision to the request of the prosecutor, who had already called last week for a deposit of three million euros after Matas had been a total of up to 15 hours before the judge to answer questions.
The investigating judge had in his 150-page report anklingen strong that he would have been provided in view of the seriousness of the offenses and a higher security deposit, if such had been requested by the prosecutor. The answers to the questions of justice Matas formulated convinced the judge in any way. "It is clear that Mr. Matas has come to reflect on the mortals funny," wrote Castro. The ex-politicians have attempted to blunt manipulations and documents designed to conceal his responsibility for the cost explosion in the construction of the Velodrome Palma Arena. The building, which cost well instead of the estimated 48 million at the end twice, is the main aspect that focuses the judiciary. Up to an opening of the trial but could still take many months, partly because the investigation could persist. This is to consider, inter alia, whether Matas possibly diverted funds transferred from this project in the United States.
Matas has allocated in the hearing of the responsibility for the construction of two subordinate employees. The judge, however, there is no doubt that without this Matas' review and approval, and listed the many crimes and accounting fraud could not have run.
Contrary to statements by the judge considers it Matas also for "absolutely sure" that the politician was the true owner of an established luxury flat in Madrid. "It seems impossible that the Matas couple could accumulate with his declared income of such a fortune, moreover with such acquisitions and an absolutely lavish and showcasing the lifestyle," says the judge. The penalty for all crimes alleged against Matas adds up to 64 years in prison if it comes to a verdict, the maximum penalty would be 24 years.