Fraud in home lottery in Mallorca?

In recent months, arrived in Spain because of bad real estate market more and more the house raffles in fashion. On one of these sweepstakes is now a blatant error has been reported.

PALMA DE MALLORCA: the participants discovered the error before the draw than the lottery had already begun. The aim of the raffle was an apartment in Campanet. For the draw of 15,999 housing lots were sold. At the beginning of the method applied to the 4000 raffle tickets were not been taken. The company wanted to be the raffle drawn the Gewinnerlos by 5 drums. In the drum of the thousandth place, however, were only the numbers one through 5 Loose with the numbers from 6000 to 9999 would thus have had no chance of being drawn.

A spokeswoman for the company has admitted the mistake now, and thus excuse that they would not be a lottery company, but a construction company. The licensing authority had probably not considered carefully, otherwise would have at least the officials have noticed the error. Now the Verlösung is repeated, and all sold tickets remain valid.