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Felanitx is a rural town and municipality in the region of Pla & Llevant in the southeast of Mallorca. It is today the center of the second largest winegrowing area of ​​the island. Felanitx is about 50 kilometers from the capital Palma.   The first evidence of human settlement in Felanitx date back to the Bronze Age. For his earthenware and pottery goods Felanitx was known in the 3rd century BC and later made a name for its production of wine and brandy. By 1749 there were more than 60 distilleries in the region. The place name derives from the Latin word 'Fenalicius', which stands for the production of hay. Since Felanitx was on elevated ground this was also used for strategic purposes.   Today the place is known for growing capers, a very popular local ingredient in Mallorca. In the 1890s, the wine industry has experienced a new boom, after a devastating phylloxera had destroyed large parts of the Majorcan wineries. Meanwhile, Felanitx also relies partly on tourism and is home to a lively international population.   Not far from the town of Felanitx you can literally find castles in the air. Like the Castell de Santueri, built in 1228, carved into the rock on the site of a former Saracen fortress. The monastery of San Salvador goes back to the year 1348 and was rebuilt in the 18th century. In the lofty heights on the tops of the hills hover these two magnificent historic buildings and provide sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.   Inside the city, the imposing 16th century church of San Miguel dates from. Its entrance can be reached via a spacious staircase. Once it experienced a massive collapse and buried hundreds of worshipers among themselves. A monument in the church commemorates this event.   Felanitx has a relaxed atmosphere where you can just stroll around and be enchanted by the sight of golden stone houses and hidden squares.

Fincas for sale in Felanitx

Manacor, finca with...

Finca with great view of San Salvador and the Sierra de Tramontana with country house ruin, construction project, electricity connection and own well. Price: 390.000 €
Finca with electricity and water

Son Mesquida, Finca...

Finca with country house under construction, GESA electricity, own well and expansion potential in a quiet location of Son Mesquida. Price: 425.000 €
Country-house in Son Mesquida

Felanitx newly built...

tasteful stone covered country-house with 4 bedrooms for sale as new construction, in quiet area of Son Negre close to Felanitx. Price: 1.600.000 €
New Build Finca in Felanitx

Felanitx impressive...

fine country house with 600 m² living space at 42.000 m² plot of land on the hillside between Porto Colom and Porto Colom. Price: 1.850.000 €
Country House Felanitx

Felanitx property...

below the monastery of San Salvador with wonderful countryside views this property is located with a total of 9 bedrooms in the main and guest house. Price: 1.650.000 €
Country House Felanitx

Buy apartments and townhouses in Felanitx

Felanitx, town house...

partially renovated town house with three separate apartments, patio and huge garage in the city center. Price: 450.000 €
Townhouse Felanitx

Felanitx, Plot with...

4.266m² large plot with 400m² of old ruin to sell in a quiet residential area of Felanitx. Price: 400.000 €
Plot Felanitx

Plots for sale in Felanitx

Felanitx, finca...

Finca property with 110.000 m² of land, two country house ruins and the possibility to build up to five houses in Felanitx. Price: 680.000 €
Finca property in Felanitx

Son Negre, finca...

Finca plot with beautiful countryside views, farm buildings and a small grove in a quiet location of Son Negre. Price: 265.000 €
Plot in Son Negre

Felanitx, cheap...

cheao finca plot with15.000 m² land, view of the Windmills of Felanitx and the Monastery of San Salvador in Son Negre. Price:180.000 €
Finca plot in Son Negre

Felanitx, large...

Finca Plot with 70.000 square meters of land and a beautiful view of the monastery of San Salvador and the village Porreres in Son Negre. Price: 265.000 €
Finca plot in Son Negre

Felanitx beautiful...

very nice cut Finca plot with small stone ruins, overlooking San Salvador, electricity project and community well. Price: 180.000 €
Finca Plot in Son Mesquida

Felanitx cheap Finca...

flat Finca plot with 15.000 m² of land and overlooking the surrounding countryside in a quiet location in Felanitx. Price: 107.000 €
Plot of land in Felanitx

Commercial properties for sale in Felanitx

Felanitx, rural...

Felanitx Country hotel with 12 double rooms (all permits available) and a restaurant with 90 seats for sale. Price: 3.000.000 €
Agroturismo Felanitx

Fincas for rent in Felanitx


Son Mesquida,...

beautiful country house with three bedrooms, heating and pool for long term rental in quiet area of Son Mesquida near Felanitx Rent: 2.500 € / month
Finca for long term rental in Son...