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Savers looking again for more property in Mallorca

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Mallorca property much asked as valuable and increasingly secure investment

New legislation on tourism in Mallorca offers investors more opportunities

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Government of the Balearic Islands give investors greater legal certainty for the purchase of properties in Mallorca.

Capacity building with leased properties in Mallorca

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Whoever is funding a rented house can be built on the rental income rather simply an asset. Is that tempting: Not even three percent interest on a…

50% tax savings on real estate in Mallorca

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50% tax savings on properties purchased in 2012 and the increase in property transfer tax was partially withdrawn.

The taxation of benefit from an…

Balearic Government's legal security for investors

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For months the reports circulating about new and planned major projects. In the south of the island, at Sa Rapita (Campos) is to develop a new hotel…

Real estate transfer tax for Mallorca real estate is on 01 May 2012 increased

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To meet the deficit targets for the year 2012, the government of the autonomous region of  the Balearic Islands plans to increases several tax…

Historic property, country houses and castles are all the rage

increasing demand in Mallorca at historic real estate - farmhouses, manor houses and palaces in higher demand than ever!

Mallorca Property: Sustainable construction and energy efficiency

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The Foreign Trade Center in Madrid and Barcelona are planning on 27 March 2012 in Madrid, on 28 March 2012 in Barcelona, ​​each one about Austria…

Mallorca Preview 2012: Events and Holidays in the Balearics

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The popular island in the Mediterranean, stands out not only by attractive real estate but also the island offers visitors and residents a wide range…

Mallorca properties further trendy in rising prices

The demand for second homes in exclusive locations in Mallorca continues to develop positively. The current market situation shows an increase in…