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Montuiri, загородный отель с рестораном и спа-центр в Майорки L01547

Чтобы продать четыре звезды загородный отель с пятьюдесятью кровати, спа-центр и ресторан с 430 мест, Montuiri. Цена: по запросу

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Former country estate in Montuiri, in the heart of Mallorca, only 20 minutes away from Palma and the international airport. The main house dates from 1900 and was used as a country hotel with 25 guest rooms (50 beds). In the historic building the 6 suites are located and further 19 double rooms are built in a later section, where are also the indoor pool and spa housed. The former country estate is situated on a 54.000 square meter plot of land; the building area is including all annexes as well as spa and fitness area approximately 3.917 square meters. To the country hotel belongs a restaurant with two large dining rooms with a total of 430 seats (180 and 250). The property is currently not staffed and can be used as hotel and restaurant, but also excellent as a business or private residence.

Price: upon request