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Кампос, который будет отремонтирован городе дом с большим садом S01739

Городской Дом нуждается в ремонте, в тихом месте с большим садом строительства бассейна разрешает продажу в Campos. Цена: 235.000 €

Efficiency: F

Campos городе дом с большим садом на продажу в Майорка
  • Campos городе дом с большим садом на продажу в Майорка
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The rather flat community Campos located on the south coast of Majorca, on a coastline, extends from the resort of Sa Ràpita in the west, by the Ses Arenes behind the long sandy beach of Es Trenc in the southeast. The village itself is located about nine kilometres from the coast at the road from Palma to the resort areas on the east coast (Cala d'Or, Cala Figuera). The distance from Campos to Palma is about 35 kilometres. The village is known for his Saturday's weekly market with an integrated flea market. The region is dominated by agriculture and remained rather immune to this day of large high rise hotels. In a quiet side street in this to renovate town house is with a beautiful stone facade on a 348 m² plot still even makes possible the construction of a pool. The townhouse, dating from 1910, offers at two floors to renovate floor space of 231 m². The building fabric including the roof is excellent. The connections for electricity, water, telephone and sewer are in the house. Price: 235.000 €