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Felanitx is characterized by its beautiful setting with windmills, vineyards and orchards, as well as the promising mountain monastery San Salvador. The palm-lined Plaza Espana of Felanitx with its imposing parish church exudes its own unique charm.
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Felanitx General information:  On the southeast coast, a few miles inland, is the old and rather quiet town of Felanitx. For centuries a center of agriculture, the countryside of vineyards, orchards of almond and apricot trees and wheat fields determined. Many more or less well-preserved ancient windmills underpin the agricultural history of Felanitx. Besides tourism, wine is one of the main sources of revenue for the town. Mainly offered locally, it is a wine tasting, the best during a tour through the narrow streets of the handsome old town, do not miss it. Felanitx in the vicinity and there are a few sights, with the mountain monastery of San Salvador, an important pilgrimage Mallorca, is especially noteworthy.  Attractions - Excursions  Mountain Monastery of Sant Salvador, handsome and his monastery hostel accommodation. Parish Church of Sant Miquel, one of the most sacred buildings on the island. Castell de Santueri, compared to the mountain monastery, now just a ruin, but with a fantastic view. Jumaica Bananera, between Porto Cristo and Porto Colom, the banana plantation with botanical garden. Weekly in Felanitx, are predominantly Majorcan and local products will be offered pretty. Important addresses and information: AYUNTAMIENTO: Plaça Constitució, 1- 07200 Teléfonos: 971 58 00 51- Fax: 971 58 32 71 E-mail: POLICÍA LOCAL: Pça. Constitució, 1- Tel: 971 58 22 00 MERCADO: Plaça Constitución, domingos. FIESTAS: Santa Margalida, 20 de julio; Sant Agustí, 28 de agosto