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Country house for sale Cala Mondrago

Cala Figuera, rural plots of land with building permits

Rural plots of land with building license including electricity and water connections at the Natural Park Mondrago near Cala Figuera. Price: from 350.000 € on
Building plots in Cala Figuera

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Buy rural land Cala Mondrago

Cala Figuera, plot with license, electricity and water G02267

Finca plot with building permission for 495 m² of living space and the connections for electricity and water in Cala Figuera. Price: 460.000 €
plot with building permission
Buy land in Santanyi

Santanyi, land with building permission G02266

Land with building permission for a house with 425 m² constructed area and 96 m² pool between Santanyi and Cala Figuera. Price: 395.000 €
Land in Santanyi
Buy land with building permission in Porreres

Porreres, fantastic plot with building permission G02262

Finca plot with planning permission in a slight hillside situation in southern exposure with view up to the island Cabrera between Campos and Porreres. Price:...
Land with planning permission in...
Land for sale in Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera, finca plot in Es Cap des Moro G02260

Finca plot with complete natural stone enclosure in an appealing neighboring buildings in Es Cap des Moro near Cala Figuera. Price: 325.000 €
Plot in Cala Figuera
Buy land in Son Negre

Son Negre, finca plot with buildings G02254

Finca plot with beautiful countryside views, farm buildings and a small grove in a quiet location of Son Negre. Price: 265.000 €
Plot in Son Negre
Buy land in Cas Perets

Ses Salines, Finca plot with fantastic distant view G02253

Finca plot in a quiet but not secluded location with stunning countryside views in southwest exposure in Cas Perets. Price: 345.000 €
Finca plot in Cas Perets
Building land for sale in Portocolom

Porto Colom, Finca plots with sea view G02246

two finca plots with sea view and a common well between the Gofcourse and the beach in Portocolom. Price: 475.000 € / Plot
Sea view plots in Portocolom
Plot with electricity and water for sale in Campos

Campos, finca plot with electricity and water G02243

Finca plot with 28.000 m² of land, electricity connection and own well near the beach Es Trenc in Campos. Price: 230.000 €
Plot with electricity and water
Plot in quiet area for sale in Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards, plot with beautiful views G02240

rural plot with 18.000 m² of land, beautiful landscape views in a quiet and beachfront location of Cala Llombards. Price: 399.000 €
rural plot in Cala Llombards
Sea view-Plot for sale in Salqueria Blanca

S'Alqueria Blanca, plot with unobstructable sea view G02238

Finca plot with 23.000 m² land and sea view in a slight slope below the Consolación Convent in S'Alqueria Blanca. Price: 1.150.000 €
Sea view Plot in S'Alqueria Blanca
Plots for sale in Majorca

essentially, in Mallorca a distinction is made between settlement plots, urban plots, Finca-plots and commercially useful plots.

In the southeast of Mallorca, settlement plots can be found mainly in the coastal region around the villages of Sa Rapita, Cala Llombards, Cala Santanyi, Cala Figuera and Cala D'or. The manicured estates and residential areas are mostly located near a beach or marina and many times are here also sea view plots for sale. The usual plot size is approximately five hundred to two thousand square meters.

With finca plot is called colloquially a vacant plot in rural areas. Depending on the municipality, the minimum lot size for buildability is between fourteen thousand and twenty-one thousand square meters. In the southeast of Mallorca are around Santanyi, Campos, Felanitx and Porto Colom Finca plots with sizes of up to two hundred hectares for sale. In each plot, according to the building regulations, only one house in typical Mallorcan country house style and with a living area up to a maximum of five hundred square meters can be built.

Inner Urban plots belong to the property market of each municipality in Mallorca. On a plot in the village may be built both, single-family and multi-family houses. Use as commercial property as City hotel, restaurant or shop, need to be checked specifically in individual cases.

Commercial building plots can be found in Mallorca only in specially designated areas. In the southeast, industrial areas are located in the municipalities of Santanyi, Campos, Felanitx, Portocolom and Manacor. Small Commercial building plots with less than one thousand square meters can be found only in exceptional cases. Within the industrial areas is distinguished whether a plot may be used for industrial purposes, or whether it is a commercially viable plot.