Cala d'Or, строительный участок для частного или коммерческого использования G02298

Строительный участок площадью 554 м² для частного или коммерческого использования между мариной и старым городом Кала д'Ор. Цена: 300.000 €

Building plot with an area of 554 m² located between the marina and the old town of Cala Dor. The property is fully developed and according to the currently valid construction standards, a residential building with up to 300 m² of living space on two floors is approved. The ground floor may be used commercially.

Cala d'Or is actually a series of individual settlements, which were coalesced by the development over the years. There are beaches for all tastes, quieter areas and bars, restaurants, an attractive nightlife and a wealth of shopping opportunities. In the heart of Cala d'Or is a sophisticated marina with the Cala d'Or Yacht Club. The quays are seamlessly lined with restaurants.
Price: 300.000 €

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