Santanyi, недвижимость с разрешением на планирование G02266

Участок с разрешением на строительство дома с площадью площадью 425 м² и бассейном площадью 96 м² между Сантаньи и Кала Фигуера. Цена: 490.000 €

Exclusive rural land with building permit, electricity and water connection in Cala Figuera on the edge of the nature reserve Mondrago. This 14.206 m² property is surrounded by Mediterranean countryside in the municipality of Santanyí, in the southeast of the island, just a few minutes’ walk from the beaches of Cala Mondrago, S'Amarador, Cala Santanyi and numerous small romantic bays. The golf course Vall Dor, the romantic fishing village of Cala Figuera as well as the marina ports Portopetro and Cala Dor are in close proximity. A magnificent view of the mountain panorama, the surrounding natural landscape and even sea view from the distance from the upper floor complete this exclusive real estate offer. The plot is completely fenced with a natural stone wall, have a beautiful stock of old trees and is reachable to a few meters on a paved road. The plot is sold including a basic project and building permit for a house with 426 m² of living space in two floors, a 96 m² large pool as well as electricity and water connection.

The village of Cala Figuera is situated in a secundary, fjord-like bay in the southeast of Mallorca and was formerly the port of Santanyí. The Caló d'En Boira and the Caló d'En Busques are a Y. At the hidden end of the left arm are the fishermen's houses with their characteristic boat car parks. 

Price:490.000 €

  • Дома с видом
  • Сад
  • Свойства рядом с полем для гольфа
  • Недвижимость в гавани
  • Плавание
  • Недвижимость на пляже