Сантаньи, земля под дом отдыха рядом с пляжем G02694

Продается участок под загородный дом рядом с пляжем в Сантаньи

Участок усадьбы рядом с пляжами Кала Сантаньи и С'Амарадор и с хорошим транспортным сообщением с городом Сантаньи. Цена: 250.000 €

This rural property with an area of 14,432 m² is located just 3 km outside the town of Santanyi in the southeast of Mallorca. Mallorca's most beautiful fishing village, Cala Figuera, and the beaches of Cala Santanyi and S'Amarador are also only about 3 km away. The building permit for a country house with a maximum built-up area of 215 m² and a swimming pool with a maximum water surface of 35 m² can be applied for on this plot. This property cannot be connected to the public electricity or water supply. A right of way leads through the property to the agricultural plot of the neighbor. The property is divided into two plots with beautiful natural stone walls. This is an ideal plot for a self-sufficient holiday or weekend home close to the beach with access to the city.

The town of Santanyi is not called the Pearl of the South East for no reason. The well-kept village with its restored houses, a year-round well-functioning infrastructure, rich cultural offering, the famous weekly market, fine dining, and proximity to some of the most beautiful bays on the island are part of the many advantages of this place.

Price: 250.000 €

  • Дома с видом
  • Сад
  • Недвижимость в гавани
  • Недвижимость на пляже