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Santanyi, Финка в течение двух коттеджей в Кап-де-Сес Салинес G01970

Финка сплит-сюжет для строительства двух вилл с ограниченными видом на море в Кап-де-Сес Салинес. Цена: 325.000 €
Купить Финка для строительства двух домов в Santanyi
  • Купить Финка для строительства двух домов в Santanyi
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This finca plot is located at Cap de Ses Salines in the municipality of Santanyi. The Rural property comprises a total of 30.040 square meters of land, is easily accessible via a paved road and is completely fenced. On the Finca plot are numerous well-maintained almond trees and it offers a limited sea- view in the distance. The connection to the public water supply is available at low cost, for the power supply itself offers a combination of solar and generator. This property consists of two parcels with two separate land registry entries so that two country houses can be built with 450 m² of living space, each. The Cap de Ses Salines is located at the southernmost tip of Mallorca, and can be reached via the Camino del Faro del Cabo de las Salinas without problems with the car and is a popular destination for nature lovers. Around the Cap are some small beaches where can be bathed in the crystal clear water. The Cap de Ses Salines is natural, quiet and an ideal place to enjoy the sounds of the sea or watching the many birds. It's especially beautiful in spring and autumn, as close to the beach many rare plant species are found and insert the migratory birds here their break.
Price: 325.000 €