Santanyi, бизнес-офис с террасой в аренду V02216

Помещение для офиса практики, ресторана и т.д. с террасой и местами для хранения в удобном месте Сантаните в аренду. Аренда: 1.700 € / месяц

Efficiency: G

This business local is located on the ground floor of a residential and commercial building in the best location in one of the most frequented localities in the south east of Mallorca. The business location in good running and with ample parking is surrounded by well-visited shops which are open all year round. On a surface area of 122 m², the business area offers a wide range of uses such as, for example, practice, law firm, shop premises or gastronomy. The business premises include a 57 m² storage room in the basement and a 90 m² terrace. A transfer payment in amount of € 45.000 is payable for the interior construction and license for the operation of a commercial use.
The south east of Mallorca is in the shadow of the Serra de Llevant. The coast is dotted with small dreamy bays, idyllic harbor resorts, as well as holiday resorts. Those who are on holiday in the south-east of Majorca can look forward to interesting excursions. For example, you can not only bathe beautifully on the beautiful natural beaches of Cala Mondrago, but also use the opportunity to roam the forest under nature protection. Also adjoining to either side of Cala Mondrago there are other inviting bays such as the Cala d'Or or the smaller beaches southeast of Santanyi.
Rent: 1.700 € / month plus VAT

Security deposit: 3 monthly rent

Transfer: 45.000 €

Brokerage fee: 2 monthly rent plus VAT