Майорка недвижимость новости

Porreres, величественные усадьбы с обширными землями F01525

историческая недвижимость на продажу на виноградник и несколько сельских участков земли в прекрасном месте рядом Porreres. Цена: от 5.500.000 €

Efficiency: F

Продажа недвижимости Porreres виноградники и виллы, участки Майорка
  • Продажа недвижимости Porreres виноградники и виллы, участки Майорка
  • Porreres собственности как исторические поместья и виллы на продажу на Майорке
  • Porreres недвижимости с исторического особняка в центре острова Майорка
  • Porreres Финка с исторической недвижимости для продажи на Майорке

This large estate is undoubtedly one of the great historic estates in Mallorca. Known for centuries for its wine is the historic winery with vaulted ceilings. Original preserved are the production machines and large oak barrels from this time. The building in the purest style of a Majorcan Possesió is in excellent condition, with a large entrance hall, living room, 10 bedrooms, a kitchen, storage rooms, four bathrooms and a terrace Thanks to its location on a hill, the views are spectacular. The island's capital, Palma de Mallorca and the airport are accessible by excellent roads within about 30 minutes. Until the nineteenth century, this beautiful farm for the cultivation of wine was used. In the cellar with 17 oak barrels stored with a capacity of 2.000 hectolitres. The property with 4.771 sqm living area is situated on a 38.861 m² plot of land between Porreres and Vilafranca de Bonany.

Price: 5.500.000 €

Adjacent properties (A = 351.367 m², B = 240.622 m², D = 120.643 m², E= 70.049 m², F = 838.921 m²) can be purchased at a price of 22.000 € / ha in addition.

Price for the entire property with a total of 1.619.904 m² land: 9.220.000 €