Montuiri, земля с видом на Tramontana G02193

Земельный участок на плато с 40.689 m² земли, собственного колодца и большого отдаленного зрения между Montuiri и Поррерасом. Цена: 250.000 €

The land around Son Miañas and Son Castañar is located on a plateau between the villages of Montuiri and Porreres, in the island center of Mallorca. This 40.689 m² country plot is located at the highest point of the area and offers a great distant view to the Tramontana Mountains. The property is easily reached by asphalted roads from both villages. According to the currently valid building standards, the building of a country house with a maximum of 320 m² of living space as well as a swimming pool with a maximum of 35 m² of water level can be approved. On the property is a well with a capacity of up to 30,000 l / hour. The plot can be connected to the public power supply. Previously, all kinds of fruit trees were cultivated on this property. The remaining stocks of this orchard are still available.

Montuïri is one of the oldest towns in Mallorca. Among the Arabs, they formed one of the twelve districts in which the former was divided Mayurqa. The 8 mills of Molinar, which have survived today, have shaped the local profile. Their stone towers that used the wind as an energy source, are a living testimony of a dependent nature of soil and past. Over the centuries, new places and paths were added, but the medieval structure has remained clear until today.

Price: 250.000 €

  • Дома с видом
  • Свойства рядом с полем для гольфа
  • Собственный колодец