Манакор, Финка с загородного дома разорения и развития F02146

Финка с захватывающим видом на Сан-Сальвадор и Сьерра-де-Tramontana с творогом разрухи, развитие, подключение электричества и собственный колодец. Цена 425.000 €

The finca "Son Amaret" is located in the east of Mallorca directly on the municipal boundaries of Manacor, Felanitx and Villafranca. The plot with 29.633 m² of land is accessible via a well-secured dirt road and is completely fenced. The entrance to the finca is provided with a new natural stone wall and an electric gate. The view stretches from the monastery of San Salvador in the east to the Sierra de Tramontana in the west. The main house and the auxiliary buildings from the year 1912 are built of solid natural stone and were completely gutted. The submitted project includes the renovation of the existing 246 m² of living space as well as the expansion to a total of 512 m² on two floors. Two covered terraces, garage and swimming pool complete the picture. The project has been approved. The finca is connected to the public electricity supply and has its own well.

Manacor, in the east of Majorca, is the third largest municipality in Mallorca and also the agricultural center of this region. Pretty patrician houses, watchtowers and old windmill remains reveal a lot about the city's past. In the course of centuries Manacor has become so large that they grew next Palma, the most populated village on Mallorca.

Price: 425.000 €

  • Дома с видом
  • Сад
  • Свойства рядом с полем для гольфа
  • Недвижимость на ремонт
  • Исторические свойства
  • Собственный колодец
  • проект строительства
  • источник питания