Калонже, вид на море - участок с разрешением на строительство G02576

Участок с видом на море на продажу в Сантаньи

Участок в усадьбе с видом на море и лицензией в соответствии со старым  и в тихом месте между Калонже и С'Алькерия Бланка. Цена по запросу

This beautiful rural property is located in the southeast of Mallorca between the villages of S´Alqueria Blanca and Calonge. The south-facing property with a size of 49,038 m² is completely fenced in with a natural stone wall and can be easily reached via an asphalt road. The view opens up from the sea in the east to the town of S'Alqueria Blanca in the south. This property is being sold including an approved basic project for an exclusive country house with 426 m² of living space, plus 58 m² of covered terrace, 30 m² of garage and a swimming pool with 60 m² of water surface. The finca property can be connected to the public electricity and water supply.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the southeast of Mallorca, the golf course Vall d'Or and the marinas of Porto Petro, Cala D'or and Porto Colom can be reached within 15 minutes. The small village S'Alqueria Blanca belongs to the municipality of Santanyi in the southeast of Mallorca. The proximity to the golf course Vall D'or, the marinas of Porto Petro and Cala D'or as well to the beaches Cala Mondrago and S'Amarador are just some of the many advantages that this place has to offer. S'alqueria Blanca is without a doubt one of the most sought after residential areas in the southeast of Mallorca.

Price: upon request

  • разрешение на строительство
  • проект строительства
  • Дома с видом
  • Сад
  • Свойства рядом с полем для гольфа
  • Недвижимость с видом на море
  • Плавание
  • Недвижимость на пляже