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Ses Salines Таун СРС соленые озера будет отремонтирован S01133

велики, чтобы быть отремонтирована таун в центре МП соленые озера. Дом имеет 2 номера. Идеально подходит для частных и коммерческих. Цена: 299.000 €

Efficiency: F

МП соленые озера Майорка таун дом Руины Он Llombards Santanyi
  • МП соленые озера Майорка таун дом Руины Он Llombards Santanyi
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3 generations were here long before in the traditional combination of Mallorca shaving load and maintain bar. Now is the time to give this house again new life. The currently existing, but in need of renovation space of 300 m² can be extended by the expansion of the attic up to 450 m². In addition to many antique details, the highlights of the House undoubtedly the bodega in the basement. The house is located in the center. If necessary, a 300 m² plot for personal or staff parking in addition to be acquired. The town of Ses Salines in the south-eastern tip of Majorca is known primarily for its salt mines those have also given the place its name. In recent years, the region has enjoyed increasing popularity. The year-round good infrastructure and the proximity of the village to the famous resort town of Colonia de Sant Jordi with its marina, promenade and many small sandy beaches make up a part of the attraction of this region. Parts of the municipal area were declared a nature reserve. Within this nature reserve is the famous beach of Es Trenc and the estate S'Avall, which is the largest contiguous to privately owned estate in Mallorca.

Price: 299.000 €