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Santanyi, ремонт мельницы с 6ассейном M01008

полностью восстановили мельницу с небольшим двориком и бассейном на 4 человек, не далеко от центра Santanyi. Аренда за неделю: 1200 €

Efficiency: F

Мельница для продажи в Santanyi
  • Мельница для продажи в Santanyi
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  • Мельница для продажи в регионе Santanyi
  • исторические здания для продажи в Santanyi

Not far away from the city centre in Santanyi located is this beautiful, restored mill with romantic Patio (proxy.70m²) and a small Pool. The mill offers on approx. 120m² floor space: large living- dining room, completely equipped kitchen, bedroom with bath „en suite “, guest room as well as guest bath with shower in the ground floor. In the upper floor is a separate Studio with bath and terrace. The house is completely furnished.

Weekly Rent: 1.200€

final Cleaning: 200€