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Манакор, коммерческая недвижимость в удобном месте L02136

Коммерческая недвижимость с торговыми площадями, офисы и комнаты для персонала, склады и парковки клиентов много в отличном месте Манакор. Цена: 4.725.000 €

Efficiency: D

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In Triple-A location, right on the main road from Palma to the north of Mallorca, between the hospital and the supermarket "Lidl" this commercial property is for sale in Manacor. In the basement, ground floor, first and second floor are 2.100 m² of retail space with large storefront for grabs. The total sales area is fully air conditioned and in perfect condition incl. Customer toilets and social areas. The structural requirements for the installation of a load-elevator are given. In a ground-floor annexed building 500 m² warehouse and the offices are housed. Just off the main road and in the yard are private customer car parking. This property is rented as a complete unit, sublet is allowed. If necessary, up to 2.000 sqm warehouse or production facilities and 4.000 sqm parking lot can be rented against extra payment. Manacor, in the east of Majorca, is the third largest municipality in Mallorca and also the agricultural center of this region. Pretty patrician houses, watchtowers and old windmill remains reveal a lot about the city's past. In the course of centuries Manacor has become so large that they grew next Palma, the most populated village on Mallorca.

Price: 4.725.000 €

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