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Кампос, Финка с коттедж руины, хозяйственные постройки и большой участок F02032

Финка с 167.129 м² земли и фермы дома разорения с 376 м² на ремонт жилплощади в живописном месте недалеко от Campos. Цена: 565.000 €

Efficiency: F

Финка с большим участком и разорения купить Юго-Майорка
  • Финка с большим участком и разорения купить Юго-Майорка
  • Финка с загородного дома разорения в Campos на продажу на Майорке
  • Финка с большим участком для продажи в Campos на юго-востоке
  • Усадьба в Campos для продажи на юго-востоке Майорки

In harmony with the landscape, there is this big Finca situated between the villages Campos Cas Concos and Santanyi in the southeast of Mallorca. The Finca includes 167.125 square meters of land (two-thirds of forest, a third pasture) which is completely fenced with a dry stone wall. Slightly elevated stands the country house ruin with 376 m² living space, which reveals the splendor of past times in spite of their poor condition today. This finca is suitable for hunting, keeping horses, as Fincahotel or as an exclusive rural residence.

The rather flat community Campos located on the south coast of Majorca, on a coastline, extends from the resort of Sa Ràpita in the west, by the Ses Arenes behind the long sandy beach of Es Trenc in the southeast. The village itself is located about nine kilometers from the coast at the road from Palma to the resort areas on the east coast (Cala d'Or, Cala Figuera). The distance from Campos to Palma is about 35 kilometers. The village is known for his Saturday's weekly market with an integrated flea market. The region is dominated by agriculture and remained rather immune to this day of large high rise hotels.

Price: 565.000 €