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Кампос, Финка отремонтировать для частных или использования в качестве загородном отеле F02082

Финка с 60.000 квадратных метров земли, 855 м² жилой площади на ремонт и собственные скважины для личных целей или для использования в качестве загородного отеля в Campos.Цена: 725.000 €

Efficiency: F

Кампос Финка для продажи с электричеством и собственный колодец
  • Кампос Финка для продажи с электричеством и собственный колодец
  • Кампос Финка для Agroturismo для продажи на пляже Es Trenc
  • Кампос Финка разорения и много земли для продажи на юго-востоке
  • Кампос Финка отремонтировать с захватывающим сад кактусов

The Finca "Son Cosmet" is located about 2 km outside the village of Campos towards the famous beach "Es Trenc" and the marina Sa Rapita. At the Finca include 60.638 square meters of land, the easily accessible via a paved road and are fully fenced with a natural stone wall. In the main house and outbuildings are a total of 855 m² to renovate land available. The Finca "Son Cosmet" meets the minimum requirements for obtaining a license for the operation of a country hotel (Agroturismo). The country-house is connected to the public electricity grid and has its own deep wells. A magnificent cactus garden and numerous lemon, mandarin and orange trees complete the picture of this beautiful Finca. If necessary, more rural plots can be purchased on which even a country house can be built.

The rather flat community Campos located on the south coast of Majorca, on a coastline, extends from the resort of Sa Ràpita in the west, by the Ses Arenes behind the long sandy beach of Es Trenc in the southeast. The village itself is located about nine kilometers from the coast at the road from Palma to the resort areas on the east coast (Cala d'Or, Cala Figuera). The distance from Campos to Palma is about 35 kilometers. The village is known for his Saturday's weekly market with an integrated flea market. The region is dominated by agriculture and remained rather immune to this day of large high rise hotels.

Price 725.000 €