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Кала Фигуера участок с лицензией в Кап-де-Моро G01272

Земельный участок на краю заповедника Mondrago в Es Cap де Моро в Кала Фигуера Цена: 99.000 €

Efficiency: F

Кала Фигуера на продажу Cap Моро де Майорка земельный участок недвижимость на продажу
  • Кала Фигуера на продажу Cap Моро де Майорка земельный участок недвижимость на продажу
  • Майорка Cala Фигера продать земельный участок покупка недвижимости продажа недвижимости
  • Кала Фигуера недвижимости Купить Cap-де-Моро S'Amarador Mondrago Свойства продать недвижимость
  • Земельный участок на продажу Кала Фигуера Майорке Покупка недвижимости Samaradoe Cap-де-Моро собственности

on the edge of the nature reserve Mondrago with its two beaches S'Amarador and Cala Mondrago the settlement "Cap des Moro" is situated in Cala Figuera. Here is this plot for sale. The 800 m² big building plot is a corner-plot and connected directly to the nature reserve. The plans and building licence for a villa with 250m² of living space on two floors plus terrace and pool are included in the price. Electricity, water and telephone are up to 10m to the land. Es Cap d'es Moro is the smallest village in the municipality of Santanyi, and is part of the fishing village of Cala Figuera, on the southeastern coast of Majorca. With just 134 inhabitants and relatively restrained development, the settlement exudes an uncommon tranquility. The beach S'Amarador that belongs to Es Cap d'es Moro is located in the Cala Mondragó Nature Reserve. Behind him are wetlands, sand dunes and cliffs as well as fields and forests. The entire area offers itself for walkers. Along the cliff you can walk to Cala Figuera. The nearby town of Santanyi, with its shops, restaurants and buildings in the traditional Mallorcan style is easy to reach

Price: 99.000 €