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Феланич Финка участок с большим рельефом и прекрасным видом G01803

выбор в опциях очень большой деревенский участок с многих миндальных деревьев, привлекательной в тихом месте недалеко Феланич для продажи. Цена: 236.000 €
Felanitx рынок недвижимости с брокерами Предлагаемые Стран собственности
  • Felanitx рынок недвижимости с брокерами Предлагаемые Стран собственности
  • Felanitx Finca Участки для продажи через агентов по недвижимости на Майорке
  • Felanitx агенты недвижимости продажи недвижимости на юго-востоке Майорки
  • Felanitx собственности предлагает как Страна Недвижимость на продажу на Майорке

In the southeast of the island, 60 km east of Palma, the small town of Felanitx is located at the foot of the monastery of San Salvador. The distance to the coastal towns of Porto Colom and Cala d'Or with many lovely sandy bays is 16 km. The well-known Stable Son Menut is about 2 km away. The monastery of San Salvador offers beautiful views of the entire coastline. Characteristic for Felanitx are the towers of the once 25 windmills on the hills situated on the outskirts. On Sundays there is excitement in the town, the streets around the church are filled with market stalls. About 5 km outside of Felanitx in direction to Campos located is this Finca plot with 57.632 m² of land, great topography and views as far as the eye can see. The Finca Plot is completely fenced with a stone wall and within easy reach up to the last 200 meters on a paved road. On a part of the property there is an almond tree plantation, the rest of the Finca is ideal for keeping horses. From the finca you can enjoy an impressive view to the southwest over the plain of Felanitx up to Puig Mayor. The Finca plot may be built with a country house with up 500 m² of living space.The connection to the public electricity and water supply is possible. Price: 236.000 €