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Santanyi, Финка быть восстановлен на окраине F02161

Финка быть восстановлена с постройками на 6000 квадратных метров земли тихом, но не изолированы месте на окраине Santanyi. Цена: 295.000 €
Для того, чтобы отремонтировать дома для продажи на юго-востоке Майорки
  • Для того, чтобы отремонтировать дома для продажи на юго-востоке Майорки
  • Финка в регионе, чтобы продать Santanyi
  • Финка Руина на продажу в Santanyi Майорка
  • купить Финка с загородного дома для реконструкции на юго-востоке Майорки

Romantic finca in need of renovation located only 2 km outside the village of Santanyi. The finca is part of a former land estate on the outskirts. It can be described as a Mini-village consisting of 6 houses. The front houses are already renovated, the country house offered here is the middle part with tower of the former main house. This part comprises 6.000 m² of land on which several outbuildings and stables with a total of approx. 200 m² of usable area are located. Here you can also build a pool with up to 50 m² of water level. The country-house offers on two floors a living space of 241 m² to be renovated. From the tower terrace you can enjoy a great view of the village of Santanyi and the surrounding countryside. Connection to the public power supply is possible, but cost-intensive. A self-sufficient solution by means of photovoltaics offers itself. A well can be drilled for the water supply. This is an ideal property for those who want to live in rural surroundings but not secluded. The town of Santanyi is not called the Pearl of the South East for no reason. The well-kept village with its restored houses, a year-round well-functioning infrastructure, rich cultural offering, the famous weekly market, fine dining, and proximity to some of the most beautiful bays on the island are part of the many advantages of this place. Price: 295.000 €