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Для того, чтобы отремонтировать Пальма де Майорка, два старших свойства на Пасео Майорка A02105

два старших свойства на ремонт в тройном месте между Пасео Майорка, Пасео Маритиму и района Санта-Каталина.Цена: от 440.000 €

Efficiency: F

Урожай Квартиры для продажи в городе Пальма-де-Майорка
  • Урожай Квартиры для продажи в городе Пальма-де-Майорка
  • купить на ремонт старых зданий на Пасео Майорка в Пальма
  • Старая квартира на ремонт в Пальма-де-Майорка для продажи
  • Купить обновить старый дом в Пальма-де-Майорка

Palma de Mallorca is the power center of the Balearic Islands, where the Government and the largest port, the largest airport and most infrastructure facilities are located. The center of the town is the historic old town within the city walls demolished in 1902, whose course is today followed suit from the city ring road. Within the historic city of Palma de Mallorca located is from house from 1920 on Paseo Mallorca between the popular Santa Catalina district and the Paseo Maritimo. In the first and second floor are the old-town flats to renovate, each with 139 m² living space. Both apartments have a balcony overlooking the Paseo Mallorca, the apartment on the first floor has a terrace to the backyard, the apartment on the second floor a large roof terrace overlooking the Paseo Maritimo and the sea. The bar on the ground floor can be rented as needed or purchased against bid also.

Price Apartment first floor: 440.000 €

Price Apartment second floor with roof terrace: 485.000 €