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Cas Concos очень аккуратно Земельный участок в тихом месте G01909

Земельный участок с 15 000 м² земли, красивый хорошо сохранились миндаля и рожковых деревьев в тихом месте в Cas Concos. Цена: 275.000 €
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This finca plot is lovingly embedded in the nature about 4 km outside of the village Cas Concos in a quiet area. The 15.000 m² large plot of land is off the old road to Felanitx, for two sides fenced with a stone wall and has a great stock of old very well maintained carob and almond trees. In compliance with current applicable building codes of the municipality of Felanitx the rural land can be built with a typical Mallorcan country-house and up to 450 m² of living space including pool. For the water supply a well can be drilled, the connection to the public electricity grid is possible. This typical, quaint little village is an ideal base from which to reach the larger towns around, the beaches of the Southeast from Mallorca and some other attractions. Its origin will be found in the possession of the family Obrador Conco in the sixteenth century. The area around Ca`s Concos is selected deliberately because the Mallorcan people here, are naturally open-minded, the surrounding countryside is amazing and not least because in a few minutes "spoiled for choice" a stunningly beautiful bay is bestowed.

Price: 275.000 €