Ses Salines, land with a magnificent view G02424

Finca - Plot on a hillside with a very well-kept trees and a magnificent view in Cas Perets near Ses Salines. Price: 285.000 €

This 29,212 m² land comprising finca plot is located in a quiet location in the region "Cas Perets" in the municipality of Ses Salines in the southeast of Mallorca. The finca plot consists of two parcels which are completely fenced with a natural stone wall. On the upper, higher-lying property is a very well-kept almond tree plantation. From here, the view opens up to the mountain Randa in the west and the monastery mountain San Salvador in the northeast. The lower plot is heavily overgrown with wild olives. The property can easily be reached by a paved road up to the last 100 meters and according to the currently valid construction standards, a building permit for a house with up to 500 m² of built-up area can be applied for. The property cannot be connected to the public electricity and water supply.

The village of Ses Salines in the south-eastern tip of Majorca is known primarily for its salt mines those have also given the place its name. In recent years, the region has enjoyed increasing popularity. The year-round good infrastructure and the proximity of the village to the famous resort town of Colonia de Sant Jordi with its marina, promenade and many small sandy beaches make up a part of the attraction of this region. Parts of the municipal area were declared a nature reserve. Within this nature reserve is the famous beach of Es Trenc and the estate S'Avall, which is the largest contiguous privately owned estate in Mallorca.

Price: 285.000 €

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