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Mallorca se preocupa por sus clientes

Also on the holiday island of Mallorca, the hotel will receive the consequences of the economic crisis increasingly noticeable. Thus ended in March this year 22 percent less tourists in Palma.

In addition to the crisis also the rainy season starting from tourists on the island to come. Now, many hoteliers with discounts to tourists once the favorite island of the Germans "to entice.

But there is hope: The weather forecast for the Ascension long weekend in Majorca are sunny. By contrast, the figures for the tourism office in Majorca rather bleak: While holding the Germans with a minus of 13.4 percent to nearly 204,000 tourists (in the same period last year there were 405,000 tourists), her "17 state" even more loyalty , but domestic tourism is dramatically decreased. Compared to the previous year were more than a quarter of Spaniards from the mainland from the island away.

The British remained in this year every third Majorca tourists traveled at home or elsewhere, reported the news magazine "Stern". The Germans are on the island by far the largest group of visitors. Then come the Spaniards, in third place are the British.