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Vilafranca de Bonany

Vilafranca is not known for mass tourism, and all guests can enjoy their café con leche still in one of the bars on the main road between the Majorcan. Vilafranca de Bonany is considered as a trading center for fruit and other agricultural products. Especially famous are the honeyed melons from the area. In September the melon festival in Vilafranca - Fira del Meló – is created.
Vilafranca die Ortschaft in der Inselmitte von Mallorca
  • Vilafranca die Ortschaft in der Inselmitte von Mallorca
  • Fira de Melón in Vilafranca de Bonany auf Mallorca
  • Vilafranca de Bonany Ort in der Inselmitte
  • Vilafranca Melonenfest im September
The parish church of Santa Barbara is from the year 1620. Particularly striking is the large St. Martin's figure, which was set in the 19th century to a conversion of the dome. In the chapel is a Gothic altarpiece a statue of the Virgin Mary. Flanked by the holy St. Joseph is this and the holy St. Vincent de Paul. But definitely worth seeing is the hermitage "Ermita de Bonany" on the hill "Puig de Bonany". The Ermita's been good to see on the 317 meter high Puig de Bonany from afar. Because of their lofty appearance it is also called "Catedral de las montanas" (the mountains Cathedral). The relatively small plant was built in 1603, thanks to the residents that there was a good grain harvest, despite a long dry period. So it was for the inhabitants a good year, a "bon any" and so the name was born. The interior of the church is decorated richer than that of many other hermitages and monasteries. Extensive renovations in the 19th century led to a mixing of styles spanning three centuries. Also in Bonany, as in many Mallorcan monasteries, is venerated statue of the Virgin. According to legend, she was hiding in the conquest of Mallorca by the Moors before the stranger and only centuries later, after the reconquest by the Christian Spaniards were freed again from her hiding place. Probably the most famous native of Petra missionary Fra Junipero Serra was his last sermon here on Mallorca kept in Bonany before he went on a long mission trip to California. From the small missions that he founded over the years on the coast, were megacities such as San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Because you never know, if not prevent perhaps better than cure, the custom has been formed in many Mallorcans on New Year's Day in Bonany to attend the Holy Mass in order for himself and his family a good year (bon any) of the to solicit mother of God. Worth a visit are the resident fruit and vegetable shops. Colourful present the owner their goods. There are the famous braids from tomatoes, peppers or other treats. Other fruits and vegetables but you can also always fresh purchase here. Otherwise, there are usually not much to discover. However, once a year the village awakes from its slumber. Melons wherever you look, some specimens reach even record weights of over 20 kilograms. Visit once that takes place here Melon Festival. They will take a special impression with home. The real estate agent AM Real Estate Mallorca has many properties in the region around Vilafranca de Bonany. The portfolio includes buildable land, Fincas, plot of Land with cottage ruins, restored town houses or to renovate, country houses but also commercial properties such as hotels or restaurants Finca for sale or for long term rental.