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Porreres is a stark beauty, the first to the second, if not obvious at third glance. Streets with closed doors and shutters, plus a massive church that almost crushed the village.
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The little town with its quiet, partly deserted streets is a true quiet place, seemingly infinite far away from the bustling city and the hotels sold out of the tourist resorts. Coming from Palma or from one of the places on the east coast, you might say, in another world, or at least on another island to be landed, and everything but this is just 20 km away. Take a stroll through the town learned the original, the "other" know Majorca, whose beauty of many of the tourists still do not have a clue. During a visit of the place should be the parish church of Nuestra Senyora de la Consolació visit. The mighty edifice, prior to its rather plain facade numerous high palm trees shade, comes in its present form from the 18th Century. The history of the building, however, goes even to the time shortly after the reconquest of the island by the Christians back in 1229. The museum "Fons Artistic i Museu de Porres" in the town hall shows among its 200 works including two paintings by Dalí. In the south of the village is located 245 m high is located Santuari de Monti-Sion, from where it offers a fantastic view of the level Es Plá. Important Phone numbers and informations:  AYUNTAMIENTO: Plaça de la Vila, 17- 07260 Teléfonos: 971 64 72 21 / Fax: 971 16 82 65 POLICÍA LOCAL: Plaça de la Vila, 17 - Tel: 971 64 72 21 MERCADO: Plaça de la Vila, martes. FIESTAS: Romeria a Montisión, último domingo después de Pascua. Sant Roc, 16 de agosto. Feria último domingo de octubre.