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The sleepy little village of Petra would probably not be a place to which most tourists would make a bow, were it not for the monk Junipero Serra, who was that 250 years ago drew as today's most famous son of the city, in the New World to the pagan to mediate wild Christianity there. In the course of his activities he and his companions founded numerous missions, some of which are now in major cities in the United States and have contributed significantly to its development.
Petra Windmühle in der Inselmitte von Mallorca
  • Petra Windmühle in der Inselmitte von Mallorca
  • Petra Stadthaus in der Geburtsstadt von Fra Juniper Serra
  • Petra Hausansicht in dem Dorf in der Inselmitte
  • Petra Marktplatz mit vielen Bars
Only no hassle at departure in the location about 44 km from Palma wine town of Petra. This would indeed be totally out of place in the small municipality of about 2500 souls. This is due to the long time insufficient connection of the place with the rest of the island. As long lacked a connection to the network rink. Today, although there is a line that runs from near the resort, but just could the sleepy character of the settlement do not detract. In 1993, this region was recognized as a wine region and then expanded this sector. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Chardonnay are typical known varieties are exported from here or consumed locally. Apart from that there were in this city actually almost nothing more. Checkerboard-like street system, quarry stone houses and narrow streets dominate the cityscape as well as in many other towns of Mallorca. The attraction but Petras is the Franciscan friar Junipero Serra, who came in Petra under the real name Miguel Ferrer to the world. Anno 1747 continued this course from here to the New World to Mexico. He and his friars attributed some of which developed into the present-day cities of San Diego, LA or San Francisco, the establishment of a total 24 Mission in the Americas. So naturally found not only in the US but also in numerous Petra memory of the most famous emigrants of the city. His Baptistery of San Pere, on the northern outskirts of the village or the monastery Convent de Sant Bernadi school founded in 1607 in what Serra did his apprenticeship. Tiler its various mission stations as visitors walk from there along the street, Carrer Frey Junipero, until his birthplace as well as a museum that has been built in his honor. Starting point for pilgrims from around the Monastery Sanctuary de la Mare de Deu de Bonany, built to worship a rescued by Christians against Muslims Virgin. Also one of the few flour windmills Mallorca (Molins de vent) or the opposite of Petra from west monastery Bonay can be during a short hike to explore the town. If we are to adorn themselves as rather peaceful town already with such a famous personality like Serra, this must of course be celebrated. And that is best on September 3 with a festive parade of Festa de Beat Juniper. Furthermore invite on July 21, the Santa Praxedes and on 2 and 3 August, the Festa dels Angeles in the otherwise rather cozy place for socializing. Market days are every Wednesday on the Plaça Ramon Llull. AM Real Estate Mallorca has many properties in the area around Petra in his bid. For example, building plots, rural Land, restored town houses or such for renovate, fincas, country houses but also commercial properties like hotels or restaurants for sale and for long term rental.