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Es (Cala) Llombards

Fine White sand beach, turquoise waters, protected bay -Cala Llombards in the south of the southeast of Majorca has to offer, what you expect from a dream beach.
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Es Llombards located in the southeast of Mallorca. It is part of the municipality of Santanyi and is approximately 3-4 kilometers from the coast inland to the region Migjorn. The town itself has only a few houses and fincas. Most of these are the homes of the locals. However, there are also some vacation homes and villas. They are all built in the distinctive style Mallorcan and therefore offer some holiday flair. The area around Es Llombards  is very rural, it is dominated by fields and fields. If you are looking for peace and quiet, then you are right here. Far away from the tourist hustle and bustle, you can relax, enjoy the beautiful nature and the sun. Cycling and walking are high in Es Llombards in the course, the landscape has some nice places. The sheep keep clean the almond groves, they eat the grass and leave their manure. This perfect ecosystem keeps the almond trees healthy. At the time when the fruit is ripe, no blade of grass grows more on the hard ground, the networks can be designed and tonsils collected undisturbed. If you want to the sea, then it is advisable to rely on a set of wheels. The little trip there worth it, as a very inviting beach and blue sea await bathers. Continue east to the Cap de Ses Salines and the lighthouse on the bluff around, hiding Cala Llombards. The tiny bay is guarded by reddish cliffs. When did these constants of nature ensure that not too many people flock to the beach spot with a beautiful view. Nature can be seen here, in fact, by their engaging side: reddish white sand between rocks, the turquoise water spills - the dream of a small bay. A beach bar, a couple of rows of sun loungers and umbrellas made of palm leaves are one of the only traces of civilization. The opportunity to acquire one of the few sunny spots in the bay is, even in the summer season, not bad. Because the journey is somewhat awkward: from the road 6102 one enclosed by stone walls only road through a residential area and then to the beach. For thousands of years the sea has eaten its way into the covered with shellfish and fossilized marine cliffs. At the end of the small, deep fjords peaceful turquoise water lapping against a small sandy beach. Angling and snorkelers come at their expense, as many colorful shoals fairly close to shore trust. If you're hungry or thirsty, can strengthen at a restaurant or get a drink at the beach bar. The travel inland passing the flat beach and access to the water is also ideal for families with children. Between the Cala Llombards and the locality is one of the main attractions of the coastal landscapes of Mallorca, the surf rock of Es Pontas. Archduke Ludwig Salvator was second in the Volume of his work "The Balearic Islands in word and image", the three bays in detail presented and illustrated with pictures. He describes the high upstairs at the headland of Cala Santanyi Torrenova on the Roca Fesa: "The Tower of Santanyi is built in 1963. It is equipped with round and Mares reinforcements. The tower has a small door with a strong high-altitude slopes and an open cistern at its foot. In addition, between large tree-like prickly pear, are two cottages with iron doors. From the tower you can enjoy a beautiful view of Cape Salinas and throughout Cabrera, who are spread out from our eyes. "Until the beginning of the XX Century, there were in the bays of Cala Santanyi, Cala Figuera and Cala Llombards only fishermen. And they inhabited the bays at best during the warmer months of the year. Around 1920, then a few huts were built, which served as a shelter for fishermen. But in the summer they were sometimes used as holiday accommodation for the families of fishermen. They were probably the inspiration for the many guests who came afterwards. In the 60s began to build on these shores. With tourism, the landscape changed. The residents of the small town, it Llombarts live a simple, austere life and enjoy the peace and quiet in the winter the lack of crowds. But the really big wealth has not reached them. He has flowed mainly to Santanyi. So hang on the Lombartinenses as ever tied their harvested tomatoes to long braids. The creeks of Santanyi on sunny winter days are particularly inviting. The Majorcan writer Josep Pla wrote in 1950 in his book on the islands: "In Santanyi starts a landscape with an African flair ..."   Feast of Sant Diumenge: The festival takes place on 8 August. There is a fair, entertainment and cultural events are organized.   Feast of Immaculada Concepció: Day: 8 December She is the patron saint of the village. Weekly Market: The weekly market is held on Thursday mornings the place of Es Pou. There are fruits and vegetables and sells some handcrafts. Important telephone numbers: Ayuntamiento de Santanyi Major Course 12 - Phone: 971653002 Guàrdia Civil Felanitx Str, 42 - Telephone: 971-653081 Oficina d'informació turística Allee Perico Pomar 10 - Telephone: 971 65 74 63 Parc Natural de Mondragó - Centre d'Informació Country. Mondragó - ses Fonts de n'Alis - Telephone: 971-181022